Microsoft Drops The Date Of The New Windows 11


We are at a time when the tech giants are making their debut. Many have already held events dedicated to software developers, those who will work with their operating systems to adapt their apps to the future. And among them this time is Microsoft, which in recent years has not stopped launching hardware. Now it seems that the changes are in the software and it is that today the date of the new Windows 11 has dropped.

Windows 11 around the corner

Microsoft has spent a lot of time on Windows 10. And we don’t mean it in a bad way, quite the opposite. He has put all his efforts into software that has been the basis of many computers in the world and now it seems that he has to give up the baton to a new operating system that we hope will maintain the essence it has maintained.

We are talking about Windows 11, which today we know very little except its release date. And it is that today the Redmond have published a most curious video in which they have hinted at the date of presentation of their operating system. This date is scheduled for next June 24, where we could see what the Redmond have prepared. At the moment, few things are known about the program, beyond what many users want it to be.

We will have to wait until that date to know all the details of the operating system, when it can be installed or if, as with version 10, it will be free for a period of time.

The meaning of the video

It seems that the Redmond people are clear that they have to take a step forward when it comes to software. As we tell you, Windows 11 is still a mystery. In fact, even his name is unknown so we have to wait until the day of the event to know all his details. But as users there is an interesting question and it is the meaning of the video that we present to you.

This is an extended version of the startup sounds that made the operating system great. Some of you will know them as is the case of 95, XP or 7, which many consider the last great Windows operating system. However, to hear them well, you will have to increase the playback speed quite a bit or you won’t even remember it.


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