Microsoft Has A Dream: Bitcoin Mining With Brain Power

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People use powerful devices like Antminer S9 to do Bitcoin mining today, while they spend a lot of electricity. But Microsoft wants people to be able to mine in a very different way. For example… with brain power.

Brain Power Mining
Just a few days ago, Microsoft applied for a patent called “Cryptocurrency system with body mobility data.” According to this system developed by Microsoft, people can actually use crypto money mining using their brain power.

People are currently using pretty powerful devices to mining on the Bitcoin network or a different network. But Microsoft believes this process can be simplified.

According to this patent application, people will be given certain tasks, and when people complete these tasks, data on body mobility will be collected. These data will be used as proof-of-work later and mining will be done in this way. This process is described as follows in Microsoft’s patent application:

“People can be given certain tasks, such as watching an advertisement or using a major service on the Internet, while people’s brainwaves or body temperatures can be used in the mining process. In order to mining in traditional cryptocurrency systems, it is necessary to perform very complex transactions. But it is possible to enable people to solve some problems unconsciously so that people can use their body mobility as proof-of-work. ”

Unconscious Transaction
According to the patent application made by Microsoft, a sensor that can detect different brain waves is required for this system to work. This sensor needs to be able to detect alpha waves as well as gamma and beta waves.

People will complete the tasks given to them without realizing it, and they will unconsciously solve the problems they face. The sensor that Microsoft is talking about will detect mobility in the brain, and this brain power will be used for mining.


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