Microsoft Details Creation Of Windows 11 Wallpaper And Logo


Microsoft: With the arrival of Windows 11 on Tuesday (5), the system’s new wallpaper, called Bloom, began to gain prominence, as well as its redesigned logo. To satiate users’ curiosity, Microsoft provided details regarding the creation of these symbols.

In a statement released on Wednesday (6), the Redmond giant explained that Bloom was designed to complement the centralized layout of the new version of Windows. In addition, the design team envisioned an element that had movement.

“It doesn’t look like a static object. You can almost imagine it moving around in a form of environmental change, transforming itself,” explained Windows 11 Creative Director Christina Koehn. Also according to her, the wallpaper was inspired by roses and represents a new era of the most popular operating system in the world.

As for the choice for blue, which illustrates the “flower blooming for the first time”, as the design was described, it is a critical tone to signal something new to consumers. “We are purposely using its electric blue color as a creative line through different elements”, reinforced the integrated marketing director of the software, Karina Vivas.


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