Microsoft Defends Edge Saying Google Chrome Is ‘So 2008’


Microsoft: It’s not news to anyone that, especially after the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has been very committed to making users of the new operating system use only the company’s Edge browser. The thing has been so blatant that the Redmond company has even admitted to The Verge that it has patched third-party browser access due to “improper redirection.”

To prove it, we tried to download Google Chrome from the Edge browser, in the Bing search engine, and the company implies that there is no need to download a new browser. Immediately, Microsoft not only offered its program “up front”, as it made a point of remembering that the Edge is built using Chromium technology, present in Google’s browser.

This Chrome is so 2008!

So far, so good, because Microsoft isn’t lying. However, in some of these messages, the company adds “with the added confidence of Microsoft”, as if Edge were more secure than Chrome. Of course, Google’s browser also has its tricks, occasionally sending a pop-up inviting you to test it out. However, experience shows that Edge is more “pushful”.

But the insistence sometimes even becomes laughable. This is the case of a message seen on the Neowin website. While trying to download Google Chrome, the user received a small message from Microsoft at the top of the screen stating, “That browser [Google Chrome] is so 2008. Do you know what’s new? The Microsoft Edge”. The date is a reference to the year of the release (considered revolutionary) of the Google browser.