Microsoft Decides To Permanently Close All Physical Outlets


Microsoft announced in March that it permanently closed retail stores that it closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Microsoft has announced that it will completely digitize its sales, while its stores in some cities will be transformed into ‘experience centers’.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has spread to the whole world after the emergence in Wuhan, People’s Republic of China and has caused the death of 490.055 people, continues to change the habits in the economy. While digitalization and online shopping are becoming widespread in the pandemic process, technology giants are trying to adapt themselves to the ‘new normal’. The last example of this was the statement made by Microsoft.

Microsoft announced today that it will be completely digital and will move away from physical sales. For this reason, Microsoft retail stores, which were closed due to the coronavirus outbreak in March, are said to be closed indefinitely. Microsoft; It will call its stores in cities such as London, New York, Sydney and Redmond as ‘Microsoft Experience Centers’ to serve all its customers, and the remaining stores will be closed entirely. It is not known whether there will be layoffs during the transition, but it is possible to send the retail team to other facilities or to be directed to work remotely to provide customer service.

Microsoft reached 1.2 billion monthly people in its online stores:

Microsoft has announced that it currently reaches over 1.2 billion people monthly in its online stores, and therefore will continue to invest in digital sales. Microsoft has been doing this since it closed all its stores in March. Until today, in March, Microsoft has made no explanation as to whether the stores will be reopened or if it will be opened.

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In a statement from Microsoft, it is stated that sales are growing online and the company’s team has been successful in serving customers beyond physical locations. The company noted that they would like to continue to serve customers online while thanking Microsoft Store customers.

While Microsoft’s physical stores have been in service for over 10 years, the first store in the U.S. was opened in 2009, when Windows 7 was released. Currently there are over 100 Microsoft stores worldwide.


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