Microsoft Cuts $50 Off Xbox Series S by Black Friday


Microsoft’s tiny Xbox Series S is the perfect way to transition to the current generation without having to break the bank.

The Xbox Series S is probably our favorite of consoles right now. Its small size, Game Pass access and affordable price make it one of the best ways to play games at the moment.

Microsoft knows how important this is for many people who don’t have a budget for a Series X or PS5 or even a gaming PC. That’s why a further $50 cut makes this deal amazing.

Should I buy an Xbox Series S?

Of course, this is really one of the best consoles currently in existence, despite its lower power.

Although it can’t support 4K games, it manages to beautifully increase your titles to match your TV’s resolution, as well as support 1440p. This is the perfect way to get into the current batch of current generation games without having to invest too much into the console itself.

The other big thing is his height. A squat box that takes up space on a shoe box is ideal for such home theater installations or even simply inserted on the side of the monitor.

We strongly recommend purchasing a Game Pass to turn the Series S into a kind of slot machine. If you decide to use the current save, you need to check out some of the old games that have been saved on the platform.

Retro games like Blinx: The Time Sweeper, Phantom Dust and Black, are available through Game Pass Ultimate. Also, a number of major games will appear on the platform very soon.

Xbox Discounts on Black Friday

You can get the Xbox Series S along with various controllers and games until the end of November.

$50 Discount on Xbox Series S
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Save $20 on Some Controllers
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Save up to 67% on hundreds of digital games
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