Microsoft Creates Xbox Series S-Inspired Suitcase For Giveaway


Microsoft: Today, July 27th, Microsoft Flight Simulator arrived on Xbox Series X and S. To promote the launch of the long-awaited simulator on consoles, Microsoft from Australia and New Zealand decided to join an unusual promotion: the creation of a suitcase to transport your Xbox Series S.

The wheeled case arrives at about knee height and has a handle for easy transport, as with any other product of this type. The difference is that it comes painted in white with a big black textured circle almost in the middle, to remind the Xbox Series S look.

But it is inside that the suitcase shows its greatest differential. It comes with a specially cut foam to fit your Xbox Series S perfectly, with a controller on the side, ensuring maximum protection for the console on the go. At the top is allocated a space where the person can place a separate display or a notebook.

For those who got excited about the suitcase, unfortunately we have some bad news: you must be a resident of Australia or New Zealand to participate in the promotion. There are no signs that Microsoft intends to start producing suitcases and sell more of these copies, so the most that optimists can hope is that the promotion is successful and the company decides to make a few more units and draw lots for the sides here.


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