Microsoft Creates Windows 10 Exclusive Xbox Series X Theme Pack


Microsoft has added a new one to its premium theme packages for Windows 10. The package that Microsoft created this time includes 16 4K resolution photos of the upcoming game console Xbox Series X.

US-based technology giant Microsoft will launch the new game console Xbox Series X to users at the end of this year if there is no problem with its plans. While gamers are excitedly waiting for the Xbox Series X to be released, Microsoft has now made an improvement that will make Xbox fans laugh. The company has created a theme package exclusive to Xbox Series X for the latest operating system Windows 10.

In fact, Microsoft frequently creates new theme packages for Windows 10. Consumers can access these theme packs created by Microsoft for free and take their Windows 10 experiences into different shapes. Moreover, Microsoft often offers 4K resolutions in the themes it creates. The Windows 10 theme created for the Xbox Series X also features 4K resolution images.

“Customize your desktop with stunning images of the most powerful game console ever, Xbox Series X,” Microsoft explained in its theme package for Xbox Series X. The phrase is included. With this statement, Microsoft both refers to its biggest rival, PlayStation, and it clearly shows what Xbox fans can see with this theme.

If you want to use the Windows 10 theme package that Microsoft has created regarding the Xbox Series X console that it plans to release in the coming months, you can download it using the link found here. After downloading this theme pack, you will be able to use 16 different Xbox Series X images as your wallpaper.


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