Microsoft creates a subsidiary named Vault for ZeniMax


As you may have heard, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax last year, absorbing all the studios that the company has under its name. This includes Bethesda, id Software and Arkane Studios, for example. The first news of this acquisition was the news that new games from The Elder Scrolls would be available on Gamepass on the day of launch, something sensational for fans of the franchise.

Only now there is even more unpublished information regarding Microsoft’s plans. A document posted on the European Commission’s website recently revealed that the company has created a new subsidiary called Vault that will have a merger with ZeniMax.

This type of action is very common in cases like this, with the purpose of making the transition easier and more stable for both sides. Electronic Arts itself did this by creating the subsidiary Codex Games after buying developer Codemasters.

The name Vault should not sound strange to any Fallout fan, after all, this inspiration comes directly from the franchise. For those who have not played Fallout games, suffice it to say that your character and other NPCs live in nuclear shelters called “Vault” in the games.


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