Microsoft Could Refresh Windows 10 Interface in 2021


It has been suggested that Microsoft is planning to make the biggest change ever to the Windows 10 interface. It is said that the update in question will be released in 2021.

Since Microsoft announced Windows 10 as an online service rather than an operating system, so Windows 10 is the last version of the operating system, it has released many updates to the operating system, large and small, and Windows 10 is more advanced than when it was first released. carried it to a point.

Although Microsoft does its best to keep Windows 10 up to date, the operating system’s interface is almost the same as the day it was released. According to the information provided by Windows Central, Microsoft is preparing to change this situation with the project named “Sun Valley”, which will be part of the Windows Cobalt version to be released next year.

According to the reported information, Sun Valley will be the big design update Windows 10 has received since the day it was released. With the update in question, almost every element in the interface, from the Start menu to the File Explorer, from the Action (Notification) Center to the Settings, will undergo a functional and visual change.

It is stated that Sun Valley will carry traces of Windows 10X, which is stated to be developed for foldable and dual-screen devices, in terms of design, therefore Microsoft will make serious improvements with the new version of the operating system, especially in tablet mode. We can also say that with the new interface, more applications will get dark mode.

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Since Microsoft has not made an official announcement for the update in question, we cannot yet mention an exact release date. However, the estimates are that Windows Cobalt will meet Insider users in the summer and will be offered to all Windows 10 users in the autumn.


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