Microsoft could buy AI company Nuance for $ 16 billion


Microsoft can buy the company Nuance Communications, focused on artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology, for about $ 16 billion (R $ 90.86 billion, in the conversion of the day). According to Bloomberg, negotiations are already advanced and the final terms of the agreement are expected to go public this week. However, as with any negotiation, the purchase may not succeed.

It is worth mentioning that the companies have been working together since 2019 to develop technologies that allow, for example, the recording of conversations during medical visits. According to senior Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Anurag Rana, the merger “can really help Microsoft accelerate the digitization of the healthcare sector, which has lagged behind other sectors, such as retail and banking.” For him, that would be the biggest benefit in the short term.

Nuance Communcations has already been present in other major projects providing, for example, the foundations for the technology used in Apple’s Siri voice software. This year alone, its shares rose 3.4%, generating a market value of almost US $ 13 billion (R $ 73.82). Microsoft, in turn, recorded a 15% growth.

Major acquisitions

Should the negotiations conclude, this will be the technology giant’s second largest acquisition, second only to LinkedIn Corp., which was bought in 2016 for an impressive $ 24 billion.

In the last month, including, Bloomberg News revealed that Microsoft intended to buy the Discord voice platform for another $ 10 billion (R $ 56.79). This year, the company also bought video game developer Zenimax Media Inc. for $ 7.5 billion.

Microsoft, which is already old in the artificial intelligence market, sees the industry as the main driver of future sales in cloud services. Therefore, it would not be strange if the company made another purchase in the sector. Indeed, this would indicate that Microsoft is focused on investing heavily against its competitors Alphabet and Amazon.


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