Microsoft corrige ferramenta de pesquisa em update do Windows Preview


After months of constant problems, a new version (apparently) fixed the problems with the Windows 10 search tool. Update number 19592 is now available for Microsoft testers, but is expected to be released in the second half of 2020 and includes some additions for users of 2 in 1 devices.

Part of the update improves the search engine and changes its behavior. Now, the system is smarter when choosing which files to index to speed up the search for them. The function of this feature is to shorten the search time by listing files in advance to display them more quickly.

This has always been present in the Windows 10 search tool; however, the service was spotted generating extremely high processor consumption at random times and disrupting tasks in the foreground – without considering the times when the search bar just didn’t work.

Microsoft explained that part of the solution was to reduce the frequency with which the indexer is triggered. “The improvement was also made to significantly reduce the number of times the service lists its content files with little impact on the use of the tool; this provides a better experience with Windows.”

Better touchscreen experience too
The 19592 patch introduced a series of adjustments that enhance the touchscreen experience of 2-in-1 devices. Available for all computers, Tablet Mode preserves the Windows environment as we know it, but now offers a more user-friendly interface at the touch of a button. fingers or smart pens.

2 in 1 devices are configured by default to change the display mode to Tablet Mode as soon as the keyboard is undocked or put back. Now, with the mode on, the icons on the Taskbar and on the Desktop will be more spaced, as well as the icons in the File Explorer.

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In addition, a button for the virtual keyboard has been added to the Taskbar and allows manual activation of the feature to use shortcuts and optimize the experience with the operating system. These measures are a way to make Tablet Mode more inviting for users of hybrid devices, considering that many of these consumers prefer to disable viewing in accessible mode because it brings a plastered and unintuitive experience to touchscreen screens.

There is still no confirmed date for the release of build 19592 to the public outside the Windows Preview program. However, if you are one of the participants, let us know in the comments if the changes really took effect.


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