Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10X Will Be Discontinued


Microsoft confirmed today (18) that Windows 10 X will be discontinued. Presented as a system for two-screen computers, the OS will not be released independently and will become part of the major version of Windows.

The information was revealed by Microsoft in a post on the Windows 10 blog. The company announced the arrival of version 21H1 of the operating system and took the opportunity to bring an update on the parallel version of the program, after many rumors about the cancellation of the project.

According to Microsoft, the team held internal discussions and decided to give up the idea of ​​launching Windows 10 X as a product in 2021. The company said that the goal now is to integrate the main functionalities of the system in Windows 10, a process that has already begun to be accomplished.

According to the company, previous versions of Windows 10 already have some news that were inspired by the 10X version, and that should appear in the Sun Valley update. The new features that will arrive in the main edition of the system in the future include an improved voice typing experience and an improved touchscreen keyboard, as well as visual changes.

“We are taking advantage of the lessons learned from our journey so far and accelerating the integration of key 10X technologies into other parts of Windows and company products. Our teams continue to invest in areas where 10X technologies will help meet the needs of our customers,” explained Microsoft.

Two-screen system

Unveiled in 2019, Windows 10X was introduced as a new version of Microsoft’s system for dual-screen devices. The solution should be launched with Surface Neo and other devices based on a dual display.

Halfway through, Microsoft changed plans for the platform and turned the system into a solution to compete with the Chromebook. A video showing the build of Widows 10X for PCs even leaked at the beginning of the year, giving an idea of ​​what the user experience would be like.

In addition to serving as inspiration for Microsoft itself, the design of Windows 10X also influenced the Linux Zorin system, which will receive a new interface similar to Microsoft’s OS.


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