Microsoft confirms price of Xbox Series S for $ 299


Microsoft made the Xbox Series S console official via its official Twitter page. The equipment is a cheaper version of the Xbox Series X, and will cost $ 299, the equivalent of $ 1,615 in direct and tax-free conversion.

Information about the company’s new entry console was leaked on the internet yesterday (07), but it did not let tech insiders “shine” for a long time, and decided to reveal the device, confirming its design and price. It’s amazing how the Xbox Series S manages to be so much thinner than the most powerful model, a feat aided by the absence of a DVD / Blu-ray drive.

Xbox Series S is “lite” version of Series X

The official image shows the console in a vertical position, but the brand logo indicates that its “standard” position would be horizontal. The usage position may impact the device’s cooling system, depending on how the components were positioned.

Microsoft has not confirmed the information yet, but according to The Verge, the Xbox Series S will run all games of the new generation, but it will have simpler specifications, and therefore should not support high resolutions, in addition to image quality is expected to be slightly lower when compared to the Xbox Series X.

Therefore, the console will cost less, and its chassis is also much more compact than the more powerful version. Furthermore, we still don’t know what other features will be maintained or discarded between the two variants of the new Xbox.

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The good news, in general, is that not all fans of games on the Microsoft platform will need to spend so much to access new titles, or wait long for the price of the Xbox Series X to fall. It is expected to reach the market at $ 499, which is a considerable difference.


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