Microsoft confirms Final Fantasy is coming to Game Pass


The North American company announced the premiere of many of the games in the series on the service, but there are still some to appear.

It was in X019 when Microsoft unveiled its roadmap regarding Xbox Game Pass, its flagship service. Then, the technology giant revealed that a good number of games in the Final Fantasy series were going to be part of its catalog. However, more than a year later, there are still some titles to appear. Be that as it may, the Redmond have confirmed that the plans are going ahead. Speaking to True Achievements, a company representative has reaffirmed this commitment.

“As we announced at X019, we are excited to bring the Final Fantasy series to Xbox Game Pass players,” he recalled. “We have done this throughout 2020 and will continue in this way in 2021 and beyond. We are looking forward to announcing the specific release and dates of more Final Fantasy titles in the future. ”

What games are available and which ones are yet to come

Of all the video games that were uncovered then, only half of the announcements have reached Xbox Game Pass, a total of five: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, multiplayer mode. Therefore, Fiinal Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remastered, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are missing.

The Square Enix saga will continue to offer surprises. In addition to the expected sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, which is already in development, the Japanese are preparing a new installment of the main saga. We refer to Final Fantasy XVI, a title that was announced during one of the PlayStation 5 events and that will be exclusive to the Sony machine. As for the remake of the seventh installment, the exclusivity on PS4 will end on April 10, so that from that date the other platforms will be able to receive it.


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