Microsoft Claims to Buy Konami’s All Games


Microsoft allegedly took action to purchase all of Konami’s games. According to the claims, the company will make the purchase as of today. It is stated that Microsoft will make a huge payment to Konami under this agreement.

US-based technology giant Microsoft will be introducing the new game console Xbox Series X to gamers in the future. Xbox fans already have a lot of information for the upcoming new game console, but as the Xbox Series X approaches, more is being talked about. Some claims now made reveal that Microsoft has opened the mouth of the pouch for Xbox Series X.

Almost every gamer knows Japan-based gaming company Konami. The company has undersigned many important projects within the gaming industry and in this context for a long time. Now, the allegations reveal that Microsoft is trying to buy all the games that Konami has released for the Xbox Series X. If these claims are true, we can say that Microsoft will pay Konami with sore money.

According to allegations, Microsoft will officially buy Konami’s entire game catalog as of today. Under this agreement, Microsoft will finance a facility by Konami for gaming equipment production alone. In addition, royalty payments will continue to be made for the games Konami has released so far. Microsoft will only profit from Konami’s new games.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to verify these claims. However, if it is true, you can be sure that we will transfer bombs to you later in the day. There is nothing gamers can do other than waiting right now.

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