Microsoft Cites Windows Sun Valley As OS separate From Windows 10


Microsoft cited, for the first time in a public environment, that the next major update to its operating system will have a different name.

According to the Windows Latest website, the version will actually be Windows Sun Valley — not Windows 11, as recent rumors have pointed out. The information appeared on a Microsoft support page, which has already been specifically edited to remove the mention of the update’s name.

In the original code, which is hosted on GitHub, the reference is still present. Furthermore, by the text, this also means that Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley can coexist for some time, including in support and offering maintenance and development tips.

When will the launch be?

The expectation is that the new Sun Valley Windows will be officially unveiled on June 24, 2021, as even the previews have been kept secret. Visual changes in relation to Windows 10 on the Desktop and even on the Start Menu are being planned, as well as new icons.


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