Microsoft changes logo and name of Bing search engine


Microsoft announced on Monday (5) a slight redesign of its default search engine. Bing follows the current policy of “integrating search experiences among the Microsoft family” and has now earned the name of the company, renaming itself Microsoft Bing.

The novelty was not detailed and should not be forced in all environments, since in the search engine itself it remains without the name of the company. However, the change suggests a unification of brands and the strengthening of the service name, which is used behind the scenes in places such as InPrivate (in the Microsoft Edge browser), in the Windows 10 Start Menu and also in Flight Simulator.

The Bing logo has also been updated. It gained “curves” in 3D, keeping practically the same format, now more modern and in the standard blue color.

Finally, Microsoft also announced a charity program called “Give with Bing”, integrated with the company’s user rewards program, Microsoft Rewards. The idea is that you use the “points” received on the platform to donate to the most diverse causes around the world. For now, the function is restricted to some regions (United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Germany and Spain), but it must be expanded globally.

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