Microsoft Brings Xbox Series X Power to xCloud Streaming


Microsoft: Unprecedented graphics and faster loads on some titles suggest that Microsoft has made progress in updating its data centers aimed at Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), the giant’s game streaming service, according to The Verge.

Such news arrived on the platform almost two weeks after the company stated that the process was in the final stages. Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Rainbow Six Siege, for example, now display settings previously restricted to the Xbox Series X, such as 120 fps and graphics options, the site highlights.

Also, notice the reduction of lags in Dirt 5 and its boot time, courtesy of the speed of the SSD. However, the benefits do not apply to Forza Horizon 4, a feature that can be extended to so many other titles.

In an official statement, the company emphasizes that it will release news to the public soon, without definitively confirming the change. In any case, Microsoft indicates: “We are continually testing new features and implementing improvements to create an improved gaming experience in the Xbox cloud.”

What’s next

At the moment, access to xCloud, still in beta in Brazil, requires an invitation, but soon the service will reach all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, something announced on June 10th. In addition, during E3 2021, Microsoft revealed that the platform will land on Xbox One, allowing the console to run next-generation games via the cloud.

Finally, cloud-native games are also on big tech’s plans. Kim Swift, creator of Portal, is responsible for the teams that will ensure releases of the type, as she is the new senior director of Cloud Gaming at Xbox.


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