Microsoft Brings Retro Interface and New Features to Windows Terminal


Microsoft continues to update Windows Terminal with new features. The new update, which will be released next week, will bring retro features and useful features to the command line (CMD) application.

Last year, Microsoft released a new command-line application called Windows Terminal. The company is constantly developing the terminal application on Windows 10 and is preparing to release a new update next week that will bring retro-style effects to its interface. If you miss CRT monitors, this feature is for you.

The feature that makes Windows Terminal look nostalgic will be experimentally enabled with the new update. Microsoft will add new functionality to the command line application, as well as retro design. You will now be able to search through terminal tabs to find input or output from various commands.

Windows Terminal comes with a nostalgic interface
There will also be resizing to tabs, and you’ll be able to fit more tabs on a single screen. Microsoft will also offer the ability to specify separate settings for each profile instead of applying the same set of settings for all terminal profiles. This means that the terminal settings can be customized according to the profiles.

An update to Windows Terminal was released with the latest, split view support. You will now be able to use multiple command lines that you can open side by side on the same tab within the Terminal. Microsoft has released a test release with new changes for its employees, and new features will be available to all users on January 14th. You can track Microsoft’s changes to Windows Terminal from the company’s GitHub repository.


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