Microsoft Brings Linux WSL Subsystem To Windows 11 Store


Microsoft announced on Monday (11) a new feature to make life easier for people who run Linux binaries and scripts directly on Windows: the availability, in the Microsoft Store, of a preview version of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) for devices Windows 11. As a result, updates to WSL are no longer linked to Windows Update.

WSL was an optional feature available since version 1607 of Windows 10. This means that anyone who wanted to access a Linux-like environment without having to use a virtual machine would have to install WSL on their computer through the Settings application. But this symbiosis with the Microsoft OS meant that new Linux subsystem features were only made available with Windows updates.

This changes with the current approach, which is already being taken by Microsoft with several Start Menu applications. The Edge browser, for example, after adopting Chromium technology in early 2020, went straight to the store, where it receives updates with the same frequency from Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, its main competitors.

How to install WSL directly from Microsoft Store?

The new version of WSL now available from the Microsoft Store brings some new features, such as an updated Linux kernel (version and the WSLg graphical user interface (GUI) view inside Windows. Now being part of a standalone application, configuring this element will be much simpler.

To download the WSL from the Windows Store, and use it, you must meet the following prerequisites:

Be using a 22000 version of Windows 11 or higher;
Have the optional virtual machine platform component enabled on your computer (to do this, you must run the following command from an elevated PowerShell prompt: dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all);
Then just go to the store page, click on this link and install WSL;
Finally, choose a Linux distribution to use it.


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