Microsoft bought Bethesda! Xbox move


As Microsoft focused on the Xbox Game Pass side, it managed to attract many players. Moreover, they promised that all of the games that came exclusively to Xbox will come to Game Pass on the day they are released. In addition, games produced by all game studios under the roof of Microsoft will also come to Game Pass. An important company under the umbrella of Microsoft seems to expand its Game Pass game library considerably.

Microsoft to expand its Xbox Game Pass library with Bethesda

Microsoft succeeded in adding a rich library to it by purchasing ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda, for $ 7.5 billion. Bethesda public relations expert Pete Hines made the following statement:

When I started Bethesda, we were a handful of people, and the team that worked on The Elder Scrolls Morrowind had to fit into an office. Currently, there are many studios all over the world belonging to our parent company, ZeniMax Media, and we have thousands of colleagues. We have a long history with Microsoft, and when we were developing Morrowind for the first Xbox, many people told us they wouldn’t want to play such large and complex games on consoles. But Microsoft has always believed in us. When we look at it today, we can see an RPG game of any size and complexity on consoles.

With this good news, we will be able to play Bethesda’s cult games through Game Pass. Bethesda announced the news on its official Twitter account and tweeted “Bethesda joins the Xbox family”.

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