Microsoft begs gamers not to smoke their new Xbox


Please don’t steam your Xbox Series X, ask Microsoft, after viral videos that appear to be fake show smoke coming out of the new console

Microsoft has a simple suggestion for gamers concerned about smoke coming out of their Xbox: DO NOT steam them in the first place.

The tech titan offered a tongue-in-cheek response to videos purporting to show off the new Xbox Series X consoles by spewing clouds of smoke, some of which may have been faked by internet hawkers.

“We can’t believe we have to say this, but please don’t blow the vaporizer smoke on your Xbox Series X,” Microsoft’s Xbox team said on Twitter Wednesday night.

Microsoft intervened after clips appearing to show the consoles that were officially launched on Tuesday were circulated, spewing gray smoke from their vents, suggesting the system had overheated and caught fire.

But another viral video demonstrated how the footage above could have been arranged by simply exhaling steam from a vaporizer onto the bottom of the Xbox and letting the “smoke” circulate through the machine.

Xbox Series X smoke, is it fake?

It’s unclear if Microsoft has found genuine Xbox smoked cases, but the early days of Series X haven’t been completely flawless. A Twitter user who complained about the smoke also posted a video of the console making a loud popping sound and abruptly shutting down. Other people have reported problems with the machine’s disk drive, according to Polygon.

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Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment early Wednesday, but the company is reportedly investigating the issues, and Somagnews will keep an eye on it.

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“We take all product safety reports very seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards,” Microsoft told a reporter from The Verge.

“We are in the process of investigating more.”


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