Microsoft backs out on Xbox Live Gold boost


After announcing an increase in the subscription to Xbox Live Gold, Microsoft began to receive several criticisms from players. However, the company backed down on the decision and decided to extend benefits as a way to apologize.

Through the official Twitter page, the company regretted what had happened and admitted to having made a mistake in the situation. She also confirmed that she reversed the price update.

Free to play games

Microsoft still has a series of free games to play – the so-called free to play -, which depended on an active subscription of Live Gold to be enjoyed by gamers.

As a way of apologizing, the Redmond giant said it would remove the obligation to have Gold in order to enjoy these titles for free. The company promised news on the subject soon.

If the price adjustment really happened, the monthly subscription would go from US $ 9.99 to US $ 10.99. The quarterly option would jump from $ 24.99 to $ 29.99. Finally, the semester would charge $ 59.99.

What is your assessment of the apology and the new benefit granted by Microsoft to Xbox players? Tell us your opinion in the space below.

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