Microsoft Azure Is The Target Of One Of The Biggest DDoS Attacks


Microsoft Azure: Today, cloud computing platforms with huge capacity host numerous important services. However, the protection measures implemented against cyber attacks directly affect these services. We have seen many examples of this.

Microsoft Azure has been hacked

According to information provided by Microsoft, there was a historic cyberattack on a part of Azure infrastructure reserved for a customer in Europe. This type of DDoS attack generated 2.4Tbps of data traffic at the peak.

The attack with 70000 zombie computers originating from Asia and the USA lasted 10 minutes. Although it created an incredible data load, Microsoft Azure infrastructure was able to fend off the attack without going offline thanks to its important solutions.

DDoS attacks are actually happening all the time and have become commonplace now. In the last 2 years, there have been attacks on Azure infrastructure with an average of 625Mbps, but the last one was the highest for the company. In this regard, the record belongs to Google services with 2.54Tbps.


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