Microsoft Announces Xbox Shoes In Partnership With Adidas


Microsoft and Adidas announced a collaboration that resulted in a very green sneaker. As part of Xbox’s 20th anniversary celebration, the brands together announced a shoe that brings the console’s colors and logo to your feet.

The shoe is called Xbox 20th Forum Tech. It’s interesting that the logo that appears in the tennis language is that of the first Xbox, really evoking the brand’s history. The tennis ad video was also made to look like the kind of advertisement that was going on back then. Microsoft says that the design inspiration came precisely from its first console, which came out with Halo: Combat Evolved, in 2001.

But those who preferred a shoe inspired by the most modern colors adopted by Xbox over the years need not worry yet. Microsoft has declared that this is “just the beginning” of its partnership with Adidas, and that more sneaker models will be released in the coming months, “inspired by Xbox generations past and present”.

At the moment it looks like the Xbox 20th Forum Tech will not be sold directly. Microsoft says to follow the Xbox Twitter account to stay tuned for ways to win a pair that have yet to be released. In addition, the company also announces that it will sell sneakers directly for the first time “later this year”.

Now it’s up to you to comment if you prefer an Adidas Xbox or a Nike PS5.


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