Microsoft Announces World’s Most Powerful Weather Supercomputer


Microsoft: The UK Meteorology Department (Met Office) and Microsoft confirmed on Thursday (22), Earth Day, a partnership for the manufacture of a new supercomputer.

The equipment will be the most powerful supercomputer in the world among those dedicated to climate and meteorological studies, as well as the fastest in the whole of the United Kingdom and one of the 25 fastest in the world.

The result of the partnership will help research, forecasts and governmental decisions in the environmental area, in addition to making meteorological forecasts more accurate and allowing the projection of carbon emissions.

Spend a little to save even more

Even the equipment itself will run on sustainable energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels. In the first year of operation alone, this will already mean an energy saving of 7,415 tons of CO2 that would be emitted into the atmosphere.

The idea is that the supercomputer is capable of generating complex models of cities and structures that allow the improvement of several sectors, such as transportation and the industrial segment, knowing exactly the impact that this can generate on the climate. In addition, it will be possible to know in advance the impact of natural phenomena such as floods and periods of drought.

The partnership was only possible thanks to an investment of £ 1.2 billion (R $ 9.1 billion) made by the government, and the expected return in the form of benefits can reach £ 13 billion (R $ 100.9 billion) .

The collaboration with Microsoft will last 10 years and the first results should appear in 2022, with the first generation of the supercomputer. It will be updated once over the decade, until it reaches maximum operating capacity.

The supercomputer will be located in the south of British territory, generating more jobs for the region.

In addition to the equipment, the company will provide hosting, network service, data storage and computing for the institution.


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