Microsoft Announces Will Not Sell Police Face Detection System


Microsoft seems to have taken its place among the giant technology companies that restrict the use of facial recognition systems. The company made a statement that if a law on the issue is not enforced, it will not sell the police face recognition systems.

Microsoft’s president, Brad Smith, also touched on the issue of selling facial recognition systems that were much discussed, in a statement to the Washington Post the day before. Smith said these systems would never be sold to the United States police unless a human rights-based national law on managing this technology is regulated. With this decision of the company, it was commented that the act similar to Amazon and IBM supports the racist protests that have been made as a result of the much talked about police violence.

After IBM’s announcement about the facial recognition system he made earlier this week, his eyes were turned to Amazon and Microsoft, two giant companies that provided information to the police and governments. Amazon announced on Wednesday that sales to the police will be stopped for 1 year. Microsoft president Smith also supported the two companies and said that this is a way to protect people’s lives.

There are still some companies that sell:

Despite this new decision implemented by IBM, Amazon and finally Microsoft, it is a known fact that there are a few small companies that continue to sell face recognition systems to the police. Despite this, it seems to be very important for the three big companies recognized worldwide to adopt this attitude. Smith repeats at every opportunity that this decision was made especially to protect human rights.

There are no people reacting to this decision, which could come long after the black man named George Floyd was killed by the police in Minneapolis, USA. Some circles comment that it is a little late in the statement made after more than two weeks since the event. Confidentiality advocates frequently repeat the concerns of the police about using a face recognition system, and it is a matter of curiosity what companies will be doing in the future after the events are stopped….


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