Microsoft Announces Will Not Release Edge 82


Microsoft announced today that it has canceled the release of version 82 of the Microsoft Edge browser. On the other hand, Microsoft stated that the stable version of Edge 81 will be released in April.

In a statement made by Microsoft today, due to the global conditions we are in, Microsoft Edge announced that updates for the stable version of the browser have been stopped. Microsoft has therefore stated that the transition of Microsoft Edge 81 to stable until updates restart, but with a later update, the stable version of Edge 81 will be announced in April.

Microsoft added that they took this step to behave consistently with the Chromium project. Chromium has announced that it has gone to a similar halt in its updates due to the recently revised calendar. Microsoft also stressed that developers and their organizations, which are similarly affected by the situation, have made this decision so that they are no longer affected.

Microsoft Edge 80 updates will continue:
On the other hand, Microsoft stated that the stable version of Microsoft Edge 81 will be released in April. This will be followed by the early release of Microsoft Edge 83 in mid-May. In addition, security updates will continue to be made for Microsoft Edge 80. Other versions (Canary, Dev and Beta) will also receive updates according to the regular calendar. Google previously announced that it has stopped updates for Chrome. The reason for this was to ensure that the developers did not have problems.

According to recent statements by Microsoft, Chromium-based Edge is expected to be updated in April; it will receive three new features, namely vertical tabs, smart copy and password tracker.

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Vertical tabs will make available tabs that will be placed on the left side of the Chromium-based Edge and position vertically. Within the scope of smart copying, users can easily copy any part of a website they want. ‘Password Monitor’ by Microsoft will follow the names and passwords you use on their websites.

Microsoft’s Edge comments are not limited to these. The company also mentioned that Chromium-based Edge will receive 3 new features in the future. These features are; collections appear as InPrivate mode and reader.


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