Microsoft announces Viva that makes working easier


Today, when the whole world is closed to home due to the pandemic, many students and employees have switched to remote working network. Many companies are trying to make this process more sustainable, especially with the applications they introduced during this period. With the Viva application at Microsoft, working from home for both employees and businesses; It launched this platform, which will act as a portal to overcome its complexities.

Microsoft will gather all needs in one place with Viva application

Microsoft, Viva is not an application or a service; It is a platform developed to improve remote working and help businesses adapt to it. While businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year on the well-being of their employees; Microsoft believes Viva will help in this new digital working age.

“We need to stop thinking of work as a place and start thinking about how to sustain culture, connect employees, and leverage human creativity in a hybrid world,” said Jared Spataro, president of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Viva comes with 4 different modules

Microsoft offers four modules of Viva that will be made available to employees and companies to meet the demands of different needs.

Viva Connections: The module, which acts as a communication platform for employees, will be a system where corporate shares such as company news and developments on the agenda will take place.

Viva Insights: To ensure that employees follow their personal development and productivity; There will be a system that provides data and collects data from many applications while doing this.

Viva Learning: The collection of training and development-oriented contents in the professional field in one place and employers; where it will host training materials, courses and other content for employee training. This includes training materials from third-party providers as well as content from LinkedIn Learning and even a business’s own.

Viva Topics: Viva Topics, which uses artificial intelligence to organize content and automatically present topic cards with documents, videos and contacts; It creates topic cards from applications such as Office, Teams, and SharePoint.


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