Microsoft Announces That GPT-3 Will ‘Write’ Programming Codes


Microsoft announced during the Microsoft Build event on Tuesday (25) that the GPT-3 natural language model will be integrated with Power Apps. This will be the first commercial application of the technology.

According to the company, the tool will help Power Apps users develop applications even though they know little about writing code and programming languages.

As an example, the technology giant explained that people could build an e-commerce application to describe a programming goal using a conversational language like “find products where the name starts with ‘children'”. Microsoft’s expectation is that the feature will address corporate needs through programs like Azure.

“Using an advanced AI model like this can help our low-code tools become even more widely available to a wider audience, truly becoming what we call no-code,” said Charles Lamanna, vice president of company’s low-code application platform.

At the event, Microsoft pointed out that the new features do not replace the need for a person to understand the code that is being implemented. However, the tool will help people who are learning the Power Fx programming language to find the right formulas to get the best results, for example.

In addition, with the help of GPT-3 users will be able to obtain results similar to more complex languages ​​just using simple language. The resources will be available only in the English language, for the time being, from the end of June in North America.

About the GPT-3

The GPT-3 natural language model was developed by OpenAI, a non-profit institution that promotes research and the development of Artificial Intelligence tools. Considered the best AI tool in the world, the license to use the GPT-3 was acquired by Microsoft last year.

Also in 2020, OpenAI launched an API based on Azure that allowed developers to exploit various features of the technology. Since then, the platform has been used for functions such as writing poetry, posting on Twitter, generating articles, summarizing emails, answering simple questions and even generating programming codes.

“We believe that there are a lot of other things that the GPT-3 is capable of. It is a fundamental new technology that illuminates a ton of new possibilities and this is the first light going into production,” said Eric Boyd, corporate vice president from Microsoft to Azure.


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