Microsoft Announces Surface Duo 2, Its New Dual-Screen Phone


Microsoft: During its event focused on new devices, Microsoft announced the Surface Duo 2, the company’s new dual-screen phone. The model promises to bring improvements over the first generation of the device, launched last year, including support for 5G connection.

The cell phone comes to compete in the folding market, but with a different strategy from Samsung models: while the South Korean handsets are betting on flexible screens, the Microsoft model has two “glued” screens with reinforced hinges.

Focused on productivity, the product has two symmetrical screens with a total size of 8.3” (5.8” each) at 90 Hz and with thinner edges, reducing the “gap” existing between the displays, which are protected with Gorilla Glass. The operating system is Android 11, which has optimizations to run better in dual-screen configuration. Game lovers, for example, can enjoy Xbox Game Pass games with controls optimized for split viewing.

Updated performance

After the first version of the product suffered criticism because of its limitations, Microsoft bet high on the performance of Surface Duo 2. The model arrives with Snapdragon 888 processor, one of the most powerful chipsets from Qualcomm today. Inside, the product also has 8 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage.

The product’s design is similar to the original Surface Duo device, with a slim look, but with some new features, including an external notification bar. In addition to the selfie camera, the product also has a triple camera system on the back, ensuring more power to capture photos and videos. The main sensors are 16MP ultrawide, 12MP wide and 12MP with telephoto lens.

Another great novelty of Surface Duo 2 is 5G connectivity — according to the company, the product is the thinnest cell phone in the world with the connection. In addition to bringing the new mobile network standard, the cell phone also adopts other interesting technologies, including Wi-Fi 6, NFC, Ultrawideband, wireless charging and digital side reader.

The device can also be used with a Surface Pen-style stylus, which allows you to perform special interactions on the dual screen. As expected, the company promises major integrations with the cell phone system and Windows 11, which arrives on October 5th.


Microsoft said the product catalog unveiled at the event by the company hits the market on the same day as Windows 11, with pre-orders starting today. Available in a select group of countries, the Surface Duo 2 costs US$1,499, about R$7,900 in direct conversion.

However, the arrival of the product in Brazil is unlikely: Microsoft does not usually bring Surface line devices to Brazil and the brand’s previous cell phone ended up not even being launched here.


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