Microsoft Announces Surface Book 3, Its Most Powerful Laptop Ever


Microsoft has recently introduced its Surface Book 3 laptop, which has been on the agenda of the tech world. The company, which lists the hardware features of the computer, also announced the release date and price of the device.

Microsoft recently announced Surface Book 3, whose news we frequently convey to you. In addition to the new Surface Book, the company announced the announcements of the Surface Go 2, The Surface Headphones 2 and The Surface Dock 2 devices.

Microsoft used the following statements in its press release: “Surface Book 3 is our most powerful laptop ever. Designed for professionals who want desktop-level performance everywhere. This is a powerful workstation. ”

Surface Book 3 hardware features:

“When we first designed the Surface Book, our goal was to offer people the power of the desktop, the versatility of the tablet, and the freedom of a thin, light laptop in one device,” the company said in a statement. Developers, designers and professionals; He trusts Surface Book for coding and compilation, workforce in Adobe and Autodesk, Xbox Game Pass and Steam and PC acting. ”

So what are the hardware features offered? Surface Book 3 is described as the most powerful laptop Microsoft has ever offered. The device, which has a battery life of 17.5 hours, provides 50% more performance than Surface Book 2.

Together with Surface Book 3, Microsoft offers its users a high DPI PixelSense display. You can choose from NVIDIA GeForce GTX or Quadro RTX GPU for the GPU of the new laptop, which will take its power from the 10th generation Intel Core processors.

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Microsoft states that they are using the fastest SSD ever on their new computer with 32 GB of RAM. Microsoft said the 15-inch Surface Book 3 model has NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU, and the device can play games on Xbox Game Pass at 1080p, 60fps.

Surface Book 3 price and release date:
The company said it has Quadro RTX 3000 GPU options for commercial use and educational institutions. The Surface Book 3, which will go on sale on May 21, will have a price tag of $ 1,599. You can find detailed configuration features and prices depending on the configuration of the Surface Book 3 here.


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