Microsoft Announces Number of Active Devices with Windows 10 Exceeding 1 Billion

US-based technology giant Microsoft has published a post on its official blog page today and announced that Windows 10 is being used on more than 1 billion active devices. With the operating system released in 2015, Microsoft has left behind a critical milestone.

When it comes to the operating system, one of the first software that comes to mind is undoubtedly Microsoft’s Windows. The fact that Windows is the first software that comes to mind in this regard arises from the huge market share it actually gets.

According to the data of Global Stats, Windows is the owner of 77.2% of the desktop operating system market. Windows is followed by macOS, Apple’s operating system, with 17.7%. Linux’s market share is 1.89%.

Windows 10 has exceeded 1 billion devices:
Microsoft announced on its official blog page that Windows 10 is being used on more than 1 billion devices worldwide. Thus, Windows 10, which is the latest desktop operating system released by the company, has achieved great success.

In fact, the US-based technology giant aimed to reach this threshold much earlier. When Microsoft announced Windows 10 in 2015, it was expected to achieve this success within 2 to 3 years, but the company also abandoned the target it set a year later when it unplugged Windows 10 Mobile.

It should also be reminded that Microsoft did not achieve this success only with computers. This issue includes Xbox One consoles and HoloLens. According to the company statement, Windows 10 works on more than 80,000 models.

Microsoft also said there are 17.8 million Windows Insider users in a statement. While it is not stated how many of these users are active, it is stated that there are Insider users in every country of the world. It was also announced that all Fortune 500 companies are using Windows 10. The company also stated that its investments in Windows 10 will continue.

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