Microsoft Announces New Features of Microsoft Edge


Microsoft has released a list of upcoming updates to its new Chromium-based browser, Edge. It was included in the features to be released in the coming period in the published Microsoft Edge update schedule.

Microsoft has released an update calendar last month, which features the Chromium-based browser Microsoft Edge, which it released in its stable version last month. It was stated in the published update calendar that along with the new features, the problems already existing in the browser will be solved.

According to the updated update schedule, Microsoft Edge’s synchronization problems, reappearance of favorites and some common errors are listed in the first to be corrected for February. Also in February, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Edge, which uses more than one profile, will also solve the problems experienced in this regard.

One of the features that Microsoft Edge will gain in February will be the background images to be used in the new tab. With the upcoming feature, Edge users will be able to use an image they want as the background of the new tab.

With the update to be released at the end of February, the solution of the problems will be presented and a feature that will allow the use of photos in the background will be published. After February, Microsoft Edge will get other new features.

In the document published by Microsoft, it was also explained that with an update to be made in the summer of this year, the scan history of Microsoft Edge, which will be used on other devices with the same profile, can be seen on all devices.

With the summer months, Microsoft Edge will encounter new features such as different options for sorting favorites, accessing themes in the Chrome Web Store. The most important feature that will be published for Microsoft Edge in the coming period, especially with regard to PDF files.

Microsoft is working to provide Edge with a new feature that will allow fast scanning within the PDF in the coming months. With new features coming in, users will be able to go directly to that section when they click on a section in the contents of a PDF document. Microsoft is also working on a feature related to reading PDFs aloud.

Although Microsoft has released plans for the content of the updates to be released for Edge, it has not released the dates when the updates will be released. However, if the weekly announced schedule table is brought to life, Microsoft Edge can be expected to have several new features in the coming weeks.


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