Microsoft Announces Data Center Expansion in the USA


On Thursday (11), the US giant Microsoft announced the expansion of another datacenter to the United States region. Called “East U.S. 3”, the novelty will be located in the state of Georgia, split between Fulton and Douglas counties. With the measure, the company hopes to meet the growing demand from its local customers and in other countries.

The development of the new datacenter will promote local jobs for counties, benefiting the market for IT professionals, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and maintenance and security services. This type of infrastructure is essential for several applications, such as online calls, surveys, company management and financial transactions.

Corporate Vice President of Cloud Operations and Innovation, Noelle Walsh, explained some of the challenges during the announcement: “The East US 3 datacenter is an important large-scale project that requires careful planning and management to ensure secure operations that meet our standards of design and sustainable operations, reliability of cloud services, physical security, as well as data security and privacy while active, “she comments.

Walsh also promises more details on datacenter development and is committed to creating opportunity for both counties: “We look forward to sharing more about these plans and forming closer partnerships with Fulton and Douglas residents and employees,” he says. According to the post, Microsoft is also already planning to launch data centers for other regions, such as West US 3, in the state of Arizona.


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