Microsoft Announces Aqua Shift Controller for Xbox Series X/S


In an official statement made last Tuesday (3), Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X/S has received a new, special edition controller model named Aqua Shift. If you are interested, it is now available for booking for US$70 (at the current rate and without the addition of fees or taxes, around R$365).

According to the information disclosed, one of the main differentials of this control is the presence of rubberized areas on the lower sides, helping to maintain the stability of the control in slightly more tense matches (understand “not to let the control slip because your hands are sweaty”).

“The Aqua Shift is the first Special Edition Xbox Series X/S controller to include rubberized surfaces on the sides made from a unique color combination on each unit. Textured grip on the triggers, top buttons and back surface ensure you stay connected to the game no matter how intense things get,” says the Microsoft message.