Microsoft And Qualcomm Launch Cheaper Kit For Developers


Microsoft: Qualcomm Technologies announced on Monday (24) a partnership with Microsoft to create a kit for developers, a kind of miniature PC designed for testing and optimizing applications created by independent software vendors. The main objective is to create ARM64 apps for PCs powered by Snapdragon processors.

On the Qualcomm website, Miguel Nunes, senior director of product management, explains that “this developer kit offers an affordable alternative to other consumer and commercial devices”. Cheaper, and with a smaller desktop configuration, the tool brings greater flexibility than notebook options.

Currently, the only option for developers who want to test their ARM64 applications on Windows is to use Microsoft’s Surface Pro X hybrid between tablet and laptop. The problem is the price of the device, around US $ 1,000. Although Qualcomm and the Redmond giant have yet to disclose a price for their new kit, the promise is that it will be much more affordable.

Microsoft x Qualcomm partnership

According to Qualcomm, the launch of the so-called “Qualcomm Snapdragon Developer Kit” is another collaboration with Microsoft to support developers who “are recompiling, optimizing and testing applications for Windows 10 devices equipped with Snapdragon computing platforms”.

The chipset maker recalls that in September 2020, Microsoft announced the expansion of its App Assure program that seeks Windows 10 compatibility on ARM64 devices, with Snapdragon-based platforms, including the optimization of Microsoft Edge, Teams and Visual Studio Code.

Anyone who wants to know more details about the new kit for developers just log into the Build 2021 conference today (25), in which Microsoft and Qualcomm promise more revelations about the device. The kit section is called “What’s New for Windows Desktop Application Developers”.


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