Microsoft already implements Edge tab


The combination of username and password is the most typical in the Internet world. This is all you need to navigate a page on the Internet to enjoy all the services. But this binomial not only serves to access Web sites, it also serves to synchronize all the data in your session and never lose it. Yes, this is possible thanks to the help of Microsoft Edge and its session synchronizer.

Microsoft Edge syncs your sessions

It is true that more and more users are accessing the Internet through mobile phones. This ensures that they always have everything they need at hand, any service at hand. But when it comes to surfing the Internet, it is clear that a screen larger than six inches is much more effective than that of a smartphone. Where is the problem? in that the tabs that you have open in one site you do not have them in another and start looking for URLs by typing them again can be cumbersome.

The solution is very simple, but it is not about sending those URLs you need to WhatsApp. It is a function that Microsoft Edge brings so that you do not lose anything from your online sessions wherever you go. According to Windows Central, the Redmond people have started rolling out tab and history syncing in Edge. This feature was in the testing phase and it seems that some users can already use it in the stable version.

Using it is as simple as starting your session with Microsoft account in the browser, either in the PC, iOS or Android version, and then starting browsing. Then you just have to activate your user on another device and synchronize the most advanced session to have your latest movements connected in the new terminal. As we mentioned, this function allows you to pass the history and tabs of a session, so you will always have everything you need wherever you go.

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I still can’t use it, what do I do?

Microsoft has put the batteries with the implementation of new features in its Edge browser. It has been a year since the arrival of Chromium to its architecture, and users finally see it as a competent tool. However, the tab and history sync feature may not be available yet so you have to wait. At the moment, only a few have had access, which indicates that their distribution is in process.


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