Microsoft aims to renew Xbox Game Pass brand image


The Redmond company removes the name of Xbox, although it does not leave out the logo of its video game division. The new generation of consoles is in the making, so it is time to rethink strategies and to modify some issues facing the new times, new times that inevitably go through Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s subscription service.

In this context, the North American company has announced a small brand renewal, a face lift that affects the Xbox name, since it officially disappears. Thus the things, to continue with that plan, the service will happen to denominate Game Pass to dry.

That Xbox disappears does not mean that the association between the two brands has been completely diluted. In fact, the logo remains intact. Meanwhile, the North American company has already warned that it is experimenting with the new logo. Through social networks, the official Xbox Game Pass account has revealed that they are “trying a new look”. So it’s a matter of time before you get decked out with your new visas.

A product of the future

Xbox Game Pass is one of Microsoft’s big bets for the coming years. The idea is that gamers can enjoy Xbox Game Studios products regardless of the platform they play on. In this way, Xbox Series X users will continue to receive the planned catalog, but PC users will also have the possibility to download all the video games published by Microsoft from day one.

One of the new attractions is that starting in September Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud technology. This means that players can play the video games in this catalog through streaming and from mobile devices. Xbox Series X, meanwhile, will go on sale later this year.

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