Microsoft Adds New Features to Internet Browser Edge


Microsoft continues to improve the web browser Edge to make it more useful. The company has recently added new features to its browser. Well, what are these features? Let’s look at them together.

Which is your default internet browser? Probably the vast majority are Google Chrome, the rest are Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. Probably few people are using Microsoft Edge as their default browser. Even Microsoft Edge is mostly used for downloading other browsers.

Sitting in the leadership seat of the operating system and office software, Microsoft wants to change the bad luck of its browser. The company continues to bring new features and functionality to the Edge browser for this.

Microsoft adds new features to Edge

Edge’s PDF reader feature had several shortcomings, and these shortcomings were gradually corrected and improved. With the latest update to Edge Canary, the ability to search the PDF reader without pressing any shortcut button has come.

Of course, the only added feature is not about the PDF reader. A new feature has also been added to the stable version of Edge. This feature, which is currently available to a limited number of users, has been the option to synchronize history and tabs. So if you ever want to switch to Edge from another browser, you will be able to transfer your other browser’s history and tabs to Microsoft Edge.

Many users are hesitant to use Microsoft browsers after the bad experience with Internet Explorer. Microsoft, on the other hand, has not yet given up in its struggle on the browser front. So how much is this browser used? According to Global Stats data, Edge has a 3.08% market share across all platforms and 7.43% on desktop. Moreover, it increases its market share, albeit slowly.

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