Microsoft Adds Improvements To OneDrive Photo Editor


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service, but the company wants to transform the platform into a multifunctional environment. The company recently revealed that a new feature is available on the service: you can now edit your photos and use filters directly from OneDrive.

Microsoft’s news is now available to users of the service — just access the One Drive website, select the photo and click edit, meaning there is no need to download other applications. While the trimming and tweaking features were released in June, the filters have just arrived to delight users.

Online photo editor

Basically, it is possible to carry out manual cuts of the photos or select a set of images to define a determined aspect ratio. In tweaks, you can change light, color, contrast, exposure, saturation, hue, and more. As for the novelty, filters allow you to add dozens of effects.

The OneDrive photo editor update is now available in Brazil. In addition, Microsoft revealed that users will be able to annotate and mark up images soon, likely by the end of December.