Microsoft 365 has gained new capabilities!


Wanting to take advantage of the increasing interest in digital meeting applications, Microsoft adds new features to many applications, including Teams.


Working from home and distance education, which entered our lives during the pandemic period, continues to spread. For this reason, the need for applications that will increase productivity in the business world and adapt to the new process is increasing day by day.

Continuing to work to produce solutions for this problem, Microsoft has developed new features for 365. Finally, the company, which organized an event today, shared these features. Especially the innovations made for Teams did not go unnoticed.

Microsoft 365 has been renewed: Here’s what’s new

Wanting to take advantage of the increasing interest in digital applications, Microsoft introduced many different features for 365, the first of which was the new customizable avatars. The company, which wants to create a more customizable work environment for people working remotely, has launched a new feature for Teams. The company will now allow users to create personal avatars on their profiles.

Renewed menus

Adding new updates to the Teams meeting experience to encourage more inclusive and productivity, Microsoft added features such as assigning roles to participants, creating a hand raise queue. In addition, the mobile streaming menu has been renewed to increase the productivity of the users. In this way, users can preview, narrow and clear all notifications with one tap.

More stable connection

Being aware of the stability of one of the biggest problems experienced by users lately, Microsoft eliminates the problem of opening images, especially in meetings with high participation. The company, which has agreed with some of the world’s best hardware manufacturers to create a better technical infrastructure, promises a much more advanced technical infrastructure in the future.

Team panels

Offering the team panels feature for large-scale projects and presentations, Microsoft will now allow joint control over the meeting. In addition, details such as location information and meeting details will be shared with these people automatically. The feature will soon be available with Zoom and Cisco. Thus, from now on, digital meetings will not escape the attention of users.

Keeping the system requirements of 365 applications, including Teams, low, Microsoft is establishing various partnerships to increase accessibility. The last of these was done with some panel manufacturers. Aware that monitors are essentially a low-power computer, the company has included Teams in the interface.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing“, which is indispensable especially for meetings and distance education, is getting much better with new updates. The newly added seminar and broadcast capabilities are expected to make it easy for professionals to set up and present.

Virtual Background

Bringing the green room feature, which has been available on Zoom and similar platforms for a long time, the company allows for better presentation. Thus, users can create more professional environments or make unsuitable areas suitable for meetings.

Cvent integration

Cvent, the leading events and hospitality management platform, will now integrate with Teams. Users will use Cvent to manage the event lifecycle, including registration and agenda management. In addition, Teams will continue to partner with business and business development-oriented applications in the future.

Application support

The new Teams Store, specially designed by Microsoft, hosts thousands of applications that will make your work easier. These applications, each specially designed, will help you maximize your productivity. Thus, your specific needs will be solved without using a third-party program.

Contact center

Wanting to solve potential problems as quickly as possible, Teams launched its new contact center supported by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service for corporate customers. In this way, users will be offered 24/7 written and audio digital solutions. At the same time, when necessary, it will contribute to the integration process in support of remote connection and other business applications.

Microsoft Loop

Continuing its efforts to reshape the understanding of spreadsheets and documents, Microsoft is launching its application called Loop. Microsoft Loop moves freely between and synchronizes with apps that enable teams to think, plan, and create, bringing information together in one place.

The application, which also offers a feature called the voting table, promises a space where you can organize and present your ideas and projects. Thus, a union between colleagues who voted for a project or idea it is planned to strengthen the spindle.

At the same time, the chat rooms within the application aim to establish open communication between colleagues without the need for any messaging application. At the same time, works such as sending files and projects will also be carried out through this place. Microsoft 365 applications such as Outlook, Teams and OneNote will also work integrated with Microsoft Loop.