Microsoft: 10 principles of the Microsoft Store


The trial between Epic and Apple will be held in May 2021, since neither of the companies has given the arm to twist in their positions.

Since Epic Games denounced Apple for alleged monopolistic practices, the contest between the two companies has not stopped growing. Mutual accusations and court documents have continued to flow, as Fortnite was removed from the App Store for violating the conditions of use established by the apple company (the trial will take place in May 2021). Meanwhile, Microsoft has repositioned itself and supports Epic Games covertly, since the statement published by the Redmond does not mention any of the companies involved.

The article, entitled “10 principles for the Microsoft Windows Store”, paints a different scenario than the one projected by Apple with its store policies. “For software developers, app stores have become an important gateway for some of the most popular digital platforms.” According to Microsoft, both they and others “have expressed doubts and from time to time have shown concern about application stores and other digital platforms,” ​​they point out.

However, “we recognize that we have to practice what we preach. Thus, today we adopt 10 principles ”, which have been developed to be in line with the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), which encourages choice and prevents unfair imbalances in stores.

The 10 principles of the Microsoft Store

  1. Developers will have the freedom of choice to distribute their Windows applications through our app store. We will not block competing digital stores on Windows.
  2. We do not block a Windows app based on the business model of the developers or the way they publish content and services, whether it is installed on the device or streamed from the cloud.
  3. We will not block any Windows apps based on the choice of payment system developers use for in-app purchases.
  4. We will provide access to information about the interoperability of the interfaces we use in Windows.
  5. All developers will have access to our app store as long as they meet objective standards, which include security, privacy, quality and content.
  6. Our app store will charge reasonable fees that reflect the competition we face with other app stores on Windows. We won’t force developers to sell anything they don’t want to sell within the app.
  7. Our app store will not prevent developers from communicating directly with their users through their apps when conducting legitimate business activities.
  8. Our app store will subject our own apps to the same standards as those of the competition.
  9. Microsoft will not use public information or data from its app store about competing applications to gain advantage.
  10. Our app store will be transparent regarding the rules, policies and opportunities related to promotion and marketing. They will be applied consistently and objectively, providing notices of changes and offering a fair process for resolving disputes.
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