Mickey Rourke sharply criticizes Tom Cruise’s behavior as inappropriate

Iron Man 2” actor Mickey Rourke calls Top Gun: Maverick star Tom Cruise “inappropriate.” Cruz has been a global superstar since the 1980s, when he starred in such era-defining films as Risky Business and The Best Shooter. His career, of course, has experienced many ups and downs since then, but Cruz is currently back on top thanks to the success of the blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick, which has so far grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office.
The success of Top Gun: Maverick really puts an end to a new period of Cruz’s success. Having lost some of his influence in the 2000s, partly due to his strange behavior in public and controversial ties to Scientology, Cruz reinvented himself in the 2010s, starring in a number of action films, including several “Mission Impossible” films. The main part of the image of the movie star Cruise at the end of his career, of course, is his stunt work, during which he took on an increasing series of dangerous tasks in filmmaking, such as hanging from skyscrapers, jumping out of airplanes and driving motorcycles off-road from cliffs. This bold new version of Cruise was enthusiastically received by the public, which allowed him to reassert himself as the last real movie star.
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But, of course, not everyone is impressed with Cruise and his constant ability to attract audiences to theaters. One actor aiming for a star is his 80’s contemporary Rourke, who recently appeared on “Pier Uncensored” and spoke out about the actor’s “Best Shooter: Maverick.” Rourke said:
It doesn’t mean shit to me. The guy has been doing the same damn role for 35 years. I have no respect for that. I’m not interested in money and power. It excites me when I look at the works of Al Pacino, as well as the early works of Chris Walken and De Niro. Works by Richard Harris, works by Ray Winston. Monty Clift. Brando in his time. And a lot of guys who were just trying to prove themselves as actors. …I think [Cruise] doesn’t matter in my world.
Rourke, of course, appeared around the same time as Cruz, establishing himself as a sharp and at times controversial actor thanks to films such as “9 and a half Weeks,” “Angel Heart” and “The Fly.” After Rourke went through difficult periods in his career, frankly not doing himself any favors with his on-set behavior and lifestyle off-screen, Rourke enjoyed his own 2000s revival in genre films such as Sin City and Iron Man 2, as well as in the film Darren Aronofsky. The Wrestler greeted. But nowadays, Rourke is most often seen in low-budget action movies like “Geezer Teaser”.
On the one hand, it is easy to dismiss Rourke as someone whose career is not going very well and who looks with bitterness and indignation at such an extremely successful star as Cruz. On the other hand, Rourke’s straightforward assessment of Cruz is more like an action star than a real Brando-type actor/Pacino/De Niro is an opinion held not only by him, and it has some grounds. However, while Cruise may be “out of place” in Rourke’s world, he may never have been so relevant to the movie world. As movie theaters struggled to make a comeback after COVID, Cruz delivered a huge gift by presenting his biggest blockbuster of his career in “Best Shooter: Maverick.” But, of course, the commercial side of filmmaking is only part of the equation. There is also an artistic side, and it is in this area, according to Rourke, that Cruise fails. However, it is unlikely that Cruz will be too worried, as he continues to cash huge checks and fill cinemas with fans who can’t wait to see what crazy trick he will pull next.