Mickey Rourke Called It “Terribly Wrong” to Accuse Alec Baldwin of Shooting at Rust.


Mickey Rourke said blaming Alec Baldwin for the shooting on the set of “Rasta” is “terribly wrong.”

Baldwin will be charged with manslaughter along with the gunsmith from the film after the tragic incident.

In October 2021, during the filming of the film on location, Baldwin held a Colt .45-caliber pistol in his hands, which fired a live cartridge, killing cameraman Galina Hutchins.

The actor and gunsmith of the film Hannah Gutierrez-Reed has been criminally charged with manslaughter related to Hutchins’ death, the Santa Fe, New Mexico prosecutor’s office announced Thursday (January 19) via NPR.

Now Rourke has taken to social media to defend Baldwin through his Instagram page, explaining his attitude to handling guns as an actor.

“Most actors don’t know anything about guns, especially if they didn’t grow up around them,” Rourke began. “Alec didn’t bring a gun to the set from his house or car. When weapons are involved on the set, it is assumed that the weapons should only be treated with “weapon armor”.

 “In some cases, the 1st HELL can transfer the gun to the actor, but in most cases the gun is transferred to the actor directly through the “weapon armor”. Then the actor has the opportunity to shoot the gun himself to double-check. In no case can Alec Baldwin be blamed for this unfortunate tragedy.”

Rourke added: “Why the authorities are putting this responsibility on Baldwin, it’s terribly wrong. I’m sure Alec is already suffering enough because of what happened. But putting the blame on him is terribly terribly wrong.”

In November 2022, Alec Baldwin filed a claim for negligence and damages against a number of members of the Rust team, including Gutierrez-Reed, weapons and ammunition supplier Seth Kenny, first assistant director David Halls and property manager Sarah Zahri. All previously denied responsibility for the fatal shooting.


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