Mickey Guyton reveals how her son Grayson inspired her to use her voice in the industry (exclusive)


Mickey Guyton owes her one-year-old son Grayson for her desire to speak out against inequality in the country music industry.

“The reason I even started using my voice was because I really saw such inequality in my particular industry compared to women and women of color,” the 39—year-old country singer told ET. “And then when I got pregnant, it was like, how could I not say something? For example, I don’t want my son to look back when he grows up and know that I didn’t say anything. He was a huge motivation for this. I understand that whatever career you have, you won’t be able to enjoy it if you see people struggling.”

She continued, “It’s never going to be good for me, and this is where I can sleep at night knowing that I see so many incredible artists of color who are emerging in this industry. This is the most important thing. Do you know that phrase that Maya Angelou said? She says, “People forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” And it’s true. This is so, so true, and thanks to this, being an artist and making music has become much more enjoyable.”

Guyton and her husband Grant Savoy welcomed their son in 2021. For the “Black Like Me” singer, who has already performed at the Super Bowl, the celebration of America’s June holiday and is preparing to host the fourth Capitol special event on PBS, it is still difficult to find a work-life balance.

“To be honest, I barely have time,” Guyton admitted. “I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted. It doesn’t matter what I think about balance. I’ll be singing on stage at a June event, hosting an event at the Fourth Capitol, and I’ll leave the event after doing something like that with my hair and makeup, and I’ll still go home and change my son’s diapers. And that’s really the most down-to-earth and humiliating thing.”

She added: “I’m tired, but it’s definitely holding me back. I’m still trying to find the balance of time. But it’s true when they say: “When you have this baby, you’ll be exhausted for the next 18 years.”

Gayton’s balance allows her to keep up with the latest achievements of her boy. “He starts saying so many words,” she said. “He can say ‘up’, he can say ‘fish’. He can say no very, very well. “No” is his favorite word. These are the best moments, he begins to understand me, and I can say, “Go and get your book.” And he can say “book” and even said “poop”.

The Better Than You Left Me singer admitted that Grayson catches everything — sometimes even bad words. But when it comes to singing, he’s not quite ready yet.

“He hasn’t sung anything yet, but he loves music,” Guyton shared. “I recently discovered Gracie’s Corner. It’s like Coco Melon, but the Black version. This is amazing! Like, it’s so good.”

Grayson will get a chance to see her mom in action—and possibly appear in a cameo role—during the Fourth Capitol celebration, which she calls a family affair.

“My mom and dad are coming,” she said of the guest list. “My baby will be there. My husband will be there. As long as my son is there, that’s really all that matters. He’s a real rock star in our family, and I’d like him to be on stage with me to celebrate.”

The Fourth Capitol airs at 7 p.m. ET on PBS stations nationwide, as well as To Our Troops Around The World on the U.S. Armed Forces Network.