Mick Jagger weighs in on Harry Styles’ “superficial” comparisons: “He doesn’t have the same voice as me”


There are no imitators here. As Harry Styles‘ career as a solo artist continues to grow, he has been compared to several legendary rock musicians, including Mick Jagger, but the Rolling Stones frontman said it was a purely physical resemblance.

“I like Harry — we have an easy relationship,” Jagger, 78, said in a Sunday Times profile published on Sunday, May 22. “I mean, I used to wear a lot more eye makeup than he did. Come on, I was much more androgynous.”

The rocker added: “And he doesn’t have a voice like me, and he doesn’t move on stage like me; he just looks like me when I was young, and that’s okay — he can’t do anything about it.”

The 28-year-old former One Direction vocalist, who released his third studio album Harry’s House on Friday, May 20, has long considered himself a fan of Jagger, Elvis Presley, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin and Prince.

“When I look at them, I don’t know what it is, but it’s something special,” Styles told L’Officiel in December 2019. — They are out of bounds. As for writing, Paul McCartney [also] has always been a huge influence. I had the opportunity to meet some of them; they never cease to be great for me.”

Pop singer Jumpin’ Jack Flash felt the same admiration from his side. He told the Mail on Sunday’s Event Magazine in January 2015: “He’s having it happen. I know him, he comes to me for a lot of shows.”

Jagger added: “And yes, I see the impact. But I’m not telling him anything, I’m just saying he looks good. I like him. He’s very decent.”

Styles, who even impressed the legendary rocker during his debut on Saturday Night Live in November 2019, has not publicly commented on Jagger’s recent comments, instead focusing on the release of “Harry’s House” and his upcoming “Love on Tour” and “One Night Only” concerts.

“I don’t think I would have been able to record this album if I hadn’t been in a place that made me feel like I was allowed to,” Styles, who has been dating his “Don’t Worry, Darling” director Olivia Wilde since January 2021, said during a Friday interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 a new record. “And I think it depends a lot on both my friends and the environment that I think the fans have created for me so that I can go out and do what I want.”

Jagger’s Rolling Stones, for their part, are preparing to go on tour later this year, but that wasn’t always the actor’s master plan.

“I had one dream about traveling, and for some reason the plane was trying to fly indoors, in this big cave-like space. Like, you’re on a plane to the stadium. And I say, ‘The wings will touch,'” Jagger told The Times in a Sunday interview. “[The business side of the industry] is so exaggerated. I’m not the least bit interested in business as such. I just needed to be interested, because everyone is trying to deceive you.