Michelle Yours reacted to a stormy interview with Dan Lebatar


Last week, former NBC Sports reporter Michelle Tafoya appeared on the Dan Le Batard show.

Obviously, she wasn’t a fan of what happened during the show. In a comment on the Fox News show, Tafoya complained about what happened during her communication with the former ESPN personality.

According to her comments relayed by Jimmy Train of Sports Illustrated, Tafoya said she was told they would talk about her new podcast and her long career. However, she suggested that she was “caught off guard” with questions about her political leanings.

Here’s more from Sports Illustrated:

“I was invited with the words: “We want to talk about your wonderful career and your new podcast.” It is ok. if we talk to you for about 30 or 40 minutes?”, — said Tafoya on the Fox channel. “It was someone I knew from my past, so I said OK. As soon as I entered, I was ambushed with the words: “You are against CRT.” You’re a racist. You can’t read Florida law without being homophobic.” I was completely taken by surprise.”

It’s hard to believe that Tafoya didn’t know that questions about her foray into politics would be discussed, especially on this particular show.