Michelle Young and her fiance Find Olukoya tell details of wedding planning amid their engagement at a distance


Getting wedding inspiration? Almost four months after the engagement of Michelle Yang and Nite Olukoya aired, the duo has already started thinking about the wedding of their dreams.

“So, coming out of the pandemic… one thing we both can’t imagine is a small wedding, and so we want to make sure that we are completely spared from this so that it won’t even be stressful for us, and then, [we want] to have warm weather [on our wedding day weddings]”.

Young and the 27-year-old Canadian native got engaged during the season 18 finale of “The Bachelorette” in December 2021. As the couple balanced their new norm of an engaged couple, they also dealt with long-distance relationships. (Young lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and her beau lives in Austin, Texas.)

“When we’re together, we just spend time together without a break, so it’s nice,” Olukoya told Us on Friday, when he and Young attended a fashion show in support of Hannah Godwin, who participated in the show.

The fifth grade teacher, for her part, added: “If we don’t hang out, we text [or] FaceTiming. We spend a lot of movie nights, for example, on FaceTime or Zoom. We make it work. But he’s been in Minnesota for a while now, so it’s been good.”

Young, who previously appeared in the 25th season of “The Bachelor” before becoming the head of the franchise, noted that the couple mostly spends time together traveling – whether to New York for a fashion show or to Mexico for a romantic retreat.

“It was amazing. At first it was very strange, because we kind of went back to the feelings we had when we were on the show, you know, to show anxiety,” the Bradley University graduate told us about their vacation last month at the same hotel where they celebrated their engagement after filming. “But once we got over it, we really had so much fun. I feel like we’re going to make it our annual vacation spot.”

While the couple is still exploring each other’s quirks, such as Olukoya’s “therapeutic” love of laundry, and beloved calluses, their loved ones are also getting to know each other.

“Our dogs get used to each other. It took them a minute to get used to each other,” Young added. “[My dog] Chef wasn’t a fan of [his puppy] Percy. I’d say Percy has too much energy. But now they’re getting used to [each other] — now they’re really getting close, hugging and playing with each other, so it was fun.”

Yang and the sales manager have had a strong attraction since the beginning of the ABC series, when he received the coveted first impression rose.

“Nite has always been almost one of the strongest connections, if not the strongest connection,” she told us earlier in December 2021 after the finale aired. “And what I wanted to do is that I really wanted to challenge myself to make sure that I’m open to everyone, because in situations like “Bachelor” or “Bachelor,” conversations can change a lot of different things because, you know, you have this a short snippet, and it looks like a short conversation, but [you’re] not talking about small talk — you’re not talking about favorite colors and favorite foods, you’re really diving deep. You can see that these conversations change very quickly throughout the season.”